DQS Academy FAQs

  1.  What is the DQS Academy and what does it offer? DQS Academy is a branch of DQS Inc. offering an array of training options beneficial to individuals and companies, whether new or experienced in management systems. We offer public and private options including courses for each standard covering executive overview, implementing the standard, and internally auditing. If you don’t see the course you desire, please reach out to our sales team for an option of customized private training.

  2.   Why should I choose DQS Academy? With DQS Inc.’s long history of management service offerings, we are uniquely positioned to offer training for customers looking for more information on these standards. Our Academy offers smaller class size and multiple formats for each course to provide an effective working environment for learners.

  3.  How do I register for a public course? To register, please go to dqsacademy.com and find your course in the catalog. Once in the course, you can click ‘Get this course’ to register. You will need to create a login to the site (where you will also be able to access course materials once enrolled) and pay via credit card. If you need any assistance, please contact [email protected]. For any other courses, please email [email protected] to help in finding the correct course for your needs.

  4.  What are the benefits of the courses and how could it help me and my business? Within the overwhelming world of “managing” management systems, DQS Academy offers responsive training solutions to enable you to turn systems from uninspiring tasks into a culture of advancement.

  5.  What should a participant expect during the courses? Students should expect a highly qualified auditor to be conducting the course using relevant, real-world examples to apply the requirements of each standard with interactive activities throughout to apply the technical requirements as you learn them.

  6.  What if I need to cancel or am unable to attend the course? If you are unable to attend the course, you have the option to reschedule your course 1 time free of charge as long as you reach out to [email protected] 24 hours before the course.

  7.  How many participants will be in each course? The typical minimum number of participants in a course is 3, while the maximum course size is 20 participants, except for BRCGS courses, which have a maximum of 10 participants.

  8.  Is anything needed for these courses? Will I need to meet prerequisites? Each course will have varying requirements and it is best to check the course description for each listing. We always recommend getting a copy of the standard and reading through it before the course. A copy of the standard is not provided by DQS Academy.

  9. What if a course I am interested in isn’t being offered? We are continually adding to our course catalog and welcome to feedback. If you don’t see a course for a topic you are interested in, please contact [email protected].

  10.  If I’m still unsure, who can I contact? We are continually adding to our course catalog and welcome to feedback. If you don’t see a course for a topic you are interested in, please contact [email protected].

FAQs are continuously updated; please check back for future updates. Updated 1/30/2023